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Going into the information session for Brazil was really cool. From the pictures past students have really seemed to enjoy this study abroad experience. At the informational session I got to talk with the advisor who is over the program. For starters if I go on this trip I could live in a really nice apartment on the beach. Which is kind of funny since I cannot swim but I was really excited about that part, since I have never seen the Atlantic or been to the beach. Another thing that caught my attention was that they offer anthropology classes which is my major. Unfortunately there is no way I can take Spanish classes while I’m there. I looked at the pricing and while it is expensive it seems doable with planning. Attending the study abroad session today for OU in Rio de Janiero has me really considering going to Brazil for a semester. After meeting the professor and seeing the pictures I could really see myself going there. The only thing is what about Spanish. I’m already on my fourth class of Spanish with four more classes to go and I do not really want to get behind. While on the other hand I do want to pick up Portuguese and this would be my opportunity to do that. I really want to go to Brazil after this informational session, however I do not know if it is worth getting behind academically. UUH I’m so confused why I cannot just learn every language in a semester and travel the world for free.

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