Latin American

Going to the Latin American lunch was pretty cool. We met the Brazilizan writer Luiz Ruffato. He spoke in Portuguese and had another OU professor translate. I have never heard someone speak Portuguese. To me it sounded nothing like Spanish. I thought it was interesting how he describe how discrimination works in Brazil. Apparently there is discrimination between social classes not race. Ruffato said at one point during the lunching that wheat her you are black or white if you are poor you are treated the same. He also talked about his life and how he grew up very poor. He said that most writers in Bazil are from the upper middle class. He also said that people who are considered poor not know how to read.This seems to be a trend in South America. I heard the same thing about Peru’s lower income citizens. I hate that for them because if I’ve learned anything from my short years on this earth is that you are nothing with out an education. It’s completely unfair that these citizens are not receiving an equal education because there parents don’t make enough money. I know we face these sort of issues in the United States I just don’t understand how know has seemed to solve this problem it quite frustrating. When I was in Peru I hated seeing how over populated those classrooms were. How can a teacher properly teach if she has so many students that she can’t offer one on one help. There was a classroom with forty three year old to two teachers . That to me is ridiculous. So there is my rant. Ruffato defiantly gave me some insight to what it’s like growing up poor in Brazil. It’s almost impossible to move up the social class ladder.I enjoyed the Latin American lunching and hearing from Ruffato.

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