Full bright

The Fulbright session this afternoon was very informing and has defiantly left me wanting to apply. Once everyone went around the room and introduced themselves we got to the opportunity to here from a student who was just recently accepted. She will be teaching in Mexico. I thought that was so cool. So full bright is a program where seniors apply to do their own research or student teach abroad. Jaci let us know about the application time line which is very important to me since I have been known to procrastinate often.Jaci also told us about the website where you can go online and see what countries have to offer and if they take student teachers or researchers or both. She heavily advised not to play the numbers game. Jaci also discussed with us about what each job entails and gave us some research examples. Letting us know how to stand out in our application. Also on which topics to avoid. She told us that you want to show them that you need to study abroad to conduct your research. By now I am really nervous to even apply, but I still will it just seems so scary. I would like to go to a Spanish speaking country or Brazil since I am planning to pick up Portuguese. It would be nice to student teach although teaching English makes me nervous since I’m learning in my Spanish class that I’m not very good at it I will have to come up with some research ideas. Want to make sure which ever I choose I want to do it.However Jaci let us know that you can only choose one countries which is kind of scary to put all your eggs in one basket.

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