Foreign Polices Trump vs. Hilary

Now I don’t know a lot about foreign policies nor have I ever tried to pay much attention to them.However it was interesting hearing the panelist explain the difference between each side. Although since most of the things they spoke about I had never heard of the big policies I mostly payed attention to was there are polls that show which candidate other countries prefer. The panelist also explained why one candidate can be prefer by a country over another. For example, most South American countries prefer Hillary over Trump. It had a lot to do with her views toward feminism and equal rights. I also appreciated how respectful the panelist were when they spoke about each candidate with an equal amount of respect.Watching this election play out will definitely be interesting. It also seems on some things they agree on the same thing while on others one part seems to attack a policy based on the sole fact that their opponent had something to do with it. That’s politics for you. Also it was interesting to hear that Trump had the backing of China. Up until the panelist explained why they did not prefer Hilary, then it all made since. I thought it was cool how one panelist said Central and South American countries had some influence in this campaign. I would have thought they always did considering how close they are and how much we trade with them.The funniest part of the whole talk had to be about the wall Trump plans to build. One candidate said there are really concrete plans for it besides Trump planning to make Mexico pay for it. Every seem to get a good chuckle out of that.All in all I actually enjoyed the panel.

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