Farsi Friday

Going into Farsi Friday I had no idea what to expect. I thought it was going to be like some of the panels I had been to but it was a lot of fun. The lady running the meeting is so funny I love her sense of humor . Also the other students who recently go to Farsi Friday are really nice as well. It was cool to see Farsi writing, I personally love that the right from left to right like how is that even possible . I really enjoyed this meeting.”Marjong” the lady running the Farsi meeting describe how they make the parties that we ate. Essently they are made up of a lot of butter and sugar. They were Delicious. At one point in the meeting “Marjong” began reviewing for the final with some of the Farsi students. I have never been so confused. Farsi looks very hard to understand, but they where doing as if they had been all there life. I had no idea how they understood what was on the board. I asked one of the student to translate for me. It’s funny because up until this point I thought Spanish was hard to read. “Marjong” also told of how Russia had some influence on the Farsi culture sense they brew tea the same. I found this interesting it crazy to how certain cultures can influence another culture. For example, the United States is a country that other cultures have heavily influenced. I will defiantly be revisiting Farsi Friday next semester.

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