OU cousins this semester is set up differently compared to my first semester. Their seems to be an imbalance with the number of American verse exchange students. As we start filling out our names on the stickers I’m looking around to for any familiar faces. I ran into my friend Blake from gateway and he reassures me that I will find a cousin. They split us up into group girls and boys. We are all now in a huge circle. Let the games begin. Finding a OU cousin is sort of like speed dating you speak to about ten people and hope that you meet someone who you have something in common with. The two girls leading our group explained that we would be asked a series of questions and at the end we would find our cousin. I was very skeptical of this since I had played similar games during camps and found that I still had very little incommon with people. After a couple of rounds I was still had not found anyone I wanted to be cousins with. So before the next round I told myself I would find a cousin I still did not find a cousin, however I did start talking with a joking around with people. Whereas before I was just standing there. Through doing this for a couple more rounds I did get to meet a group of girls. There were three American girls including myself and three exchange students. We all decide to be cousins. One of girl was from Peru which I just visited last summer and we actually had a friend in common. Needless to say I had found my group and was excited to hang out with them this semester.

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