Career Fairs

I love love love study career fairs. From the snacks to meeting new people it is such a fun time. At this career fair it was different than what I expected since there where groups that were nonprofits. I didn’t even know they did internships. One group in particular goes to Kenya. They do a wide range of community service work they take trips there all throughout the year. Another organization helps struggling families and there are located in NorthWest OkC. The lady gave me her information so I will hopefully be volunteering there next semester. I was also able to talk to a women who worked at OU, she helps people with their resumes. I explained to her that I’m interred in applying for a job on campus that requires a resume. I have never applied for a job that required a resume so I’m a little nervous. She explained to me that I had nothing to worry about and that I could stop by her office. She does mock interviews which I thought was so cool especially since I tend to freeze up when I get nervous. Also at the career fair I talked with a representative from the Peace corps after he explained everything I do see this as something I may want to do in the future, and guess what they have a site in Peru and other Latin and South American countries which means I’ll have some place to practice my Spanish. All in all I had a pretty good time at the career fair and look forward to attending more in the future.

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