Aid work

My twenty year plan graduate from OU with my Bachelor of Science in Anthropology. Get accepted to OU medical school graduate and do aid work in South America where I can practice my language skills. There is my plan so of course the lecture on aid work grabbed my attention. Once there I maid the right decision. Aid work, is something that I did want to go into after medical school since I went to Peru and volunteered. I feel that is where I am meant to go in life. However after going to this talk I feel as if everything has been put into a realistic perspective. This will not be a walk in the park and while the good will defiantly out way the bad I will face some obstacles. Aid work seems like I would defiantly have to get used to going with the flow since you can be put almost anywhere and face numerous amounts of challenges along the way. One of those challenge in particular that she spoke about was gender roles, which surprised me a little since I did not think those would be important while doing aid work. She said that with aid work women are judge harsher than males which took me by surprise since I thought we would be treated equally, however they are not and they had judged harsher for going out and partying than their male counterparts. This is all due to gender roles within our society and even though with learning this I still want to do it. She goes on later explain everything that this line of work will entail and discusses some of her own experences. I am really glad I went to the talk.

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